In the work room

Canvas top Green boots


Just some photos of almost completed bags that I am making for some friends.

I like whole making and designing of one-offs. I was given the colors, pockets sizes and whole bag size.

These are now waiting for the leather handles and copper rivets to come in.

The smaller Tote is the normal size of my new totes

Stay close by to see photos of the City Totes, coming this week.

The City Tote

I have been spending about 5 weeks refining the “City Tote” bag, I think I have it down and about ready for production.

I was trying to make a bag that you could just grab and go, a bag you could show-up anywhere with and just right size for a day of use. I believe I have it now.

Now I have to Work on the amenities of the bag.

Hoping to have a about 20 city totes for a Market in the beginning of July

Grandview Grind + Choxley


Earlier this year Grandview Grind met up and collaborated with us here at Choxley to design beautiful pillows for their coffee shop/store front, inspired by coffee bags, and made exactly to Grandview Grind specifications. It was wonderful working with Samantha on this collaboration.

Grandview Grind

We were very excited to work for Grandview Grind in Grandview H, OH. It’s an amazing Coffee house and coffee bean seller. Samantha, and the crew have been running this the shop for about a year now and it looks incredible. To make it short, it’s a modern Coffee shop that sales products from local roasters’, and as a café they features food items from local bakeries, which includes gourmet cupcakes

Sorry for the bad photo 😦