Working full steam


Working a lot as of late and building up my stock, with interest in my bags going in a local shop and some Flea’s I hope to be in.

The one of a kind bags starting from simple utilitarian designs such as tote bags to more complex weekend bags has is mirroring the current movement that pertains to high-quality, hand-crafted artisanal goods.

My approach to making each unique bag often starts with her favorite part – sourcing the materials, which often includes trips to estate sales and flea markets. After a thorough washing and cleaning of the materials, We go about deconstructing them to break down the major components into usable pieces. There’s often no absolute blueprint to follow, but rather a general premise to laying out the pieces and where they would be best suited.

Each bag takes approximately two hours and upwards of six hours for more complex variations such as a weekend bag.

Here are some few snapshots a friend took visiting my space.


Someone has there eye on the sturdy, worn-in canvas salvaged from a beautifully hand painted post Nam era US military duffel bag (documenting the soldiers platoon)


This year I am numbering my bags on the inside tag –

SONY DSC SONY DSC  We went out to lunch at the north market and we pick up a few things. We grabbed a newly completed bag on the way out the door


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