Production mode, after Fall break.

Production mode, after fall break.

We started this this year making one of the favorites, the Choxly Hobo bag. With the new year we have started with some new fabrics. This first batch was made with a woven Indio cloth.

For solid colored cloth traditional weavers weave and sew a natural colored cloth (off-white) and then dye the whole piece. There are a number of traditional vegetable and mineral natural dyes available. A favorite color, especially among women, is indigo blue. The dying process is often combined with tying the cloth to get a stippled look. These are often worn as wrap-around skirts.

Additional indigo cloth comes from Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Mali. The dark blue color is derived from the dye of the indigo plant. The plant has pinnate leaves and clusters of red or purple flowers that are used to produce the dye indigo.

Here are are some of bags in to process of being made, these are simple on the go bags, one open compartment and a drawstring. 15x16x4 bag – vege tanned leather strap 15″ drop.


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