Made – Crafted in Columbus Ohio

Design – American vintage + World heritage
At the hart of design we at Choxley have been developing the feel of the brand. We have been expanding the reach with new prospectives from not only vintage heritage fabrics but also from around the world. Taking fabric and designs from mutable areas odf the world; from are own time and from the past we hope to create carefully crafted and timeless designs that can work in all kinds of setting. Our a passion is to creat beautiful high quality products in the making a positive difference and bringing joy in to your daily live.
Made – Crafted in Columbus Ohio
All our products are exclusively hand made in our design studio in Columbus by skilled craft persons, using time honored, rediscovered techniques found and learned; for we are consent exploring. We celebrate the uniqueness in our products and believe in the “Buy less, buy better” philosophy offering timeless refined objects and a sense of authenticity.
Quality – Made sustainable
A dedication to work with the best materials is combined with a focus on a sustainable production. At times we collaborate will clothing mills to use their surplus and seconds for the production of numerous products. At other times we acquire vintage textiles that are filled with history and woven for their strength. This ensures a reduced impact on the environment and a unique and limited selection of products.
Story – Continues at Choxley
We know the you know that sustainable quality and craftsmanship within proper conditions is a good story. A good story you become part of when buying our products, enjoy.
Be Human
We take responsible principles to hart and believe that is part of what good design is about – being human and good besiness.

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