Fall production starting up.

Choxley has been a provider of totes, utility bags, messier bags and attachés. We have moved to also provide household goods; we will be keeping with the utilitarian design we have become accustom to giving.

Choxley Home Goods will still bring a fine eaged textiles into ficus. We will be supplying blankets, bath towels, sleep bedding, and utility blankets. As always Choxley’s ideal and use of a textures when seeing the products is are a two part goal; this is to be appealing to the eye and to draw a person in to touch. With the touch we hope to convey a sense of securely and warmth.

We have been testing the products with customers and with friends of Choxley. We have had appealing response to the new products. The last of the tests were staged at a local festival. We decided not to post labels on the tables when selling the products just to to let the consumer free-will check out what they are seeing. As we thought, seeing the product would bring almost every visitor to touch the new products. The touch would always would start a conversation about the product with the visitor. From these conversations with the visitors and customers we have decided to move forward with steady production.

The Carhartt quilted blankets are going priced at 175.00 at the Choxley booth and will be going for less this fall on line.




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