Choxley will be carried by Tigertree, a local C-bus store.

Choxley is proud to announce we have been picked up by a local store in Columbus’ Short Nort area. Tigertree will carring the line of Choxley quilted blankets, the same ones we commented about in previous post.

We are vary excited about the opportunity; and hope to be a strong member of the Tigertree family. They have been vary good to us here a Choxley and have been vary welcomng. Tigertree is a large and growing store with two locations. They sale clothes, assesories, and home goods. The look and feel of the Choxley line of quilted blankets fit so well in the concept/feel of the stores.

We will not be carrying the blankets on-line, this will be The only place to pick up the blanks in till mid December at the Crafting Out Laws holiday show. So if you have been thinking about the blankets stop by, check them out and maybe pick one up. The number they have a limited so don’t miss out.


Tigertree – 787 North High St. Columbus Ohio 43215

Keep it loco local,  Choxley

Below are some photos of the blankets being processed.

Choxley blankets are a moving

Made in Columbus Ohio
With the industry in America evolving and many skilled laborer Are being displaced, Choxley hopes to aspires a better trend by manufacturing domestically carefully assembled in Columbus by a local artisans, our pieces are sustainably designed to withstand the passing of time. Unique, versatile, and honest, we see our pieces as a choice and an investment: Objects that invite contemplation of the future and inspire and refine the way we live.

We are back in the shop making more, stay local.

Fall production starting up.

Choxley has been a provider of totes, utility bags, messier bags and attachés. We have moved to also provide household goods; we will be keeping with the utilitarian design we have become accustom to giving.

Choxley Home Goods will still bring a fine eaged textiles into ficus. We will be supplying blankets, bath towels, sleep bedding, and utility blankets. As always Choxley’s ideal and use of a textures when seeing the products is are a two part goal; this is to be appealing to the eye and to draw a person in to touch. With the touch we hope to convey a sense of securely and warmth.

We have been testing the products with customers and with friends of Choxley. We have had appealing response to the new products. The last of the tests were staged at a local festival. We decided not to post labels on the tables when selling the products just to to let the consumer free-will check out what they are seeing. As we thought, seeing the product would bring almost every visitor to touch the new products. The touch would always would start a conversation about the product with the visitor. From these conversations with the visitors and customers we have decided to move forward with steady production.

The Carhartt quilted blankets are going priced at 175.00 at the Choxley booth and will be going for less this fall on line.



The 8th Annual Columbus Handmade Craftacula




February 4, 2016
Contact: Jamie Hevener
The 8th Annual Columbus Handmade Craftacular to Feature Artisans and Earth-Friendly Vendors from Across Ohio Eco-friendly, revamped, recycled, homegrown and handcrafted are just a few ways to describe some of the products that will be available at the 8th Annual Columbus Handmade Craftacular, one of the longest-running indie craft shows in Columbus.

This year’s event will take place on Saturday, May 7 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., with vendors inside the Whetstone Community Center in Clintonville, a neighborhood in north-central Columbus. More than 70 artists, crafters and other vendors will participate in the one-day, juried craft show that celebrates eco-friendly and locally made products. Clothing, accessories, jewelry, ceramics, bath products, children’s items, home goods and more will be available at the event.

The Craftacular offers a unique chance to meet and mingle with the artists who make these one-of-a-kind items and to support local, small craft businesses.
“The majority of our vendors are from the Columbus area,” says Jamie Hevener, a Craftacular organizer and owner of HevVin Designs, a local business that features custom sewing designs and sewing instruction. “However, the growing popularity of the Craftacular has gained the attention of makers from all over the state. We are pleased to feature several sellers from across Ohio who will join the fun this year!”

This family-friendly event will also feature music, demos by artists, interactive games and more! For hungry shoppers, popular local food trucks will be onsite as well. Shop early! Swag bags will be awarded to the first 50 shoppers the morning of the event with items donated by the Craftacular’s awesome artists.
Support a local pet charity! All funds from the raffle items that are donated by participating artists and vendors go to a local pet charity each year.

Admission is FREE and open to the public.
Admission is FREE and open to the public.

Saturday, May 7 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Location: Whetstone Community Center, 3923 N. High St., Columbus, 43214.
Interested in volunteering for the event?

Interested in volunteering for the event?

Sign up online to sign up!
Be sure to follow us on Twitter @cbuscraftacular, Facebook and Instagram!

Join us this year for the 8th Annual Eco Chic Craftacular

Early in the Maker season. Happy birthday Choxley

Its full on making here at Choxley. We have a planed this year to be the best year ever.  This is Choxley’s forth year producing here in Columbus Ohio. Thank you for everyone your your love of the Choxley sprit.

Choxley Est. 3/8/2012

Made – Crafted in Columbus Ohio

Design – American vintage + World heritage
At the hart of design we at Choxley have been developing the feel of the brand. We have been expanding the reach with new prospectives from not only vintage heritage fabrics but also from around the world. Taking fabric and designs from mutable areas odf the world; from are own time and from the past we hope to create carefully crafted and timeless designs that can work in all kinds of setting. Our a passion is to creat beautiful high quality products in the making a positive difference and bringing joy in to your daily live.
Made – Crafted in Columbus Ohio
All our products are exclusively hand made in our design studio in Columbus by skilled craft persons, using time honored, rediscovered techniques found and learned; for we are consent exploring. We celebrate the uniqueness in our products and believe in the “Buy less, buy better” philosophy offering timeless refined objects and a sense of authenticity.
Quality – Made sustainable
A dedication to work with the best materials is combined with a focus on a sustainable production. At times we collaborate will clothing mills to use their surplus and seconds for the production of numerous products. At other times we acquire vintage textiles that are filled with history and woven for their strength. This ensures a reduced impact on the environment and a unique and limited selection of products.
Story – Continues at Choxley
We know the you know that sustainable quality and craftsmanship within proper conditions is a good story. A good story you become part of when buying our products, enjoy.
Be Human
We take responsible principles to hart and believe that is part of what good design is about – being human and good besiness.

Production mode, after Fall break.

Production mode, after fall break.

We started this this year making one of the favorites, the Choxly Hobo bag. With the new year we have started with some new fabrics. This first batch was made with a woven Indio cloth.

For solid colored cloth traditional weavers weave and sew a natural colored cloth (off-white) and then dye the whole piece. There are a number of traditional vegetable and mineral natural dyes available. A favorite color, especially among women, is indigo blue. The dying process is often combined with tying the cloth to get a stippled look. These are often worn as wrap-around skirts.

Additional indigo cloth comes from Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Mali. The dark blue color is derived from the dye of the indigo plant. The plant has pinnate leaves and clusters of red or purple flowers that are used to produce the dye indigo.

Here are are some of bags in to process of being made, these are simple on the go bags, one open compartment and a drawstring. 15x16x4 bag – vege tanned leather strap 15″ drop.

Winter migration to Etsy – One by one they Go

We are moving the choxley line over to Etsy for the winter and we will be moving a few things over every day. Starting today you will see new things on Etsy every day this week and next.

For the holydays we are upgrading the packaging with extra care. Any product will come in its own dust bag with Choxley Branding and random extra goodies with all orders.

First up is going to be a tote I initially showed at my OHC Show, The Chevron Tote. The tote is like good pair of kakis, you can use it dressed up or down. This tote is made from 15oz canvas and heavy chevron denim. This may be why they were being picked so up quickly.

Made in Columbus Ohio, Choxley


The adventures of choxley



Talking to a client/friend about the whole “Maker/ Slow craft movement” and the position Choxley resides within the movement. So I decided to post some of the discussion.


Here at Choxley we strive to be true makers, we make things with their hands, and one at a time.

True makers’ goods are born of resourcefulness, skill and a dedication-to-work that is fast becoming endangered in this world. These are the artists who still put their minds and hearts to their hands—thoughtfully crafting products of quality and beauty.

We here At Choxley are hunters of well-worn historic fabrics and hardware throughout Columbus and Ohio. Choxley constructs durable, one-of-a-kind tote bags, using almost exclusively found and salvaged textiles. The bags feature materials such as quality cowhide, denim and cotton duck canvas—many with original military or lumber co. screen prints. The bags are reinforced with authentic hardware in polished nickel or antique brass finish.

Choxley creations are made in Columbus from a regionally resource, in direct rebellion to the mass-produced and poor-quality products we see all too frequently being marketed as high end.

Choxleys’ passion is the repurposing of one-of-a-kind tote bags that we create for the Choxley brand using old, salvaged military fabrics. The ultimate find is an old Navy duffle bag that the sailor had hand painted with pictures of pinup girls or the places they have been. We can make it into a tote that is a snap shot of history and the life of a person at that time. The maker/crafter movement, as we know, is the umbrella term for independent inventors, designers and tinkerers. Makers/Crafters tap into an American admiration for self-reliance and combine that with open-source learning, renewed old American craftsmanship, contemporary design and powerful personal technology like 3-D printers. The creations, born in cluttered local workshops and bedroom offices, stir the imaginations of consumers numbed by generic, mass-produced, made-in–China merchandise.

In the UP coming year we will be reaching out to other makers for collaboration’s, social events and pop-up store team-ups. With a group of makers/people we hope to grow a clothing, accessories, and home goods group. We will share more about this after the first of the year, after all the gearing up for the holidays is over.

Winds of Fall are here – Making reparations for Winter

Now that the flea market/Artist/ Maker show season is over I will be putting Choxley merchandise on Etsy and a few retail shops. We will start next week with Etsy and move on from there.


A few things you should expect is more chevron, Boy Scout backpack transformed to men’s attachés and Choxley bags for the bicycles. These are some of the things that have had the most impact. We have received a lot of love about the chevron bags from a wide range of shoppers. The Choxley men’s attaché’s jumping off the racks at the last show and people kept asking for them after they were all gone. We have been happy with the diversifying of the Choxley over this last year, so we are moving to include more bags made for bicycles.


See you in a week, and never dream alone – Choxley